Monday, February 23, 2009

Kulekhani hydro-power project on the verge of closing

Nepalnews, 22-Feb-09

The 60 MW Kulekhani Hydro-power project is on the verge of closing due to the dipping water level.

Due to the prolonged dry spell, water level at the nation's only reservoir based hydro-project has reduced to 1495 metres. Production needs to stop when water level reaches 1483 metres, according to Sher Singh Bhat of the load forecast centre of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA).

The project is currently producing 0.9 million KwH of electricity every month. At this rate, the reservoir can produce electricity only for next three weeks.

Run-off-the-river projects are supplying183 MW power currently. If the dry spell continues, production will reduce further.

With this bleak reality in the backdrop, the import of 60 MW power from India through the Kataiya-Duhabi transmission line will not provide any respite from the current 14 hours load shedding.


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bibek dhakal said...

this kulekhani is one of the important hydropower project so it mustnot close.this is property of country so lets conserve it

jayandra said...

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